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I am an impulse buyer. Not just cheap stuff, either. Recent impulse buys have included a 21" Sony Trinitron computer monitor, an oak toolbox, and a back-up air mattress, plus a bunch of books and DVDs. Today it was plywood. That's right, plywood...

Went to Home Depot to get a single 4' x 8' sheet of 3/4" plain plywood, to be used to build a prototype of the bookcases I'm gonna start building for the back room any day now. I building a prototype so that if anything goes horribly wrong with the design, I won't have wasted a $45 sheet of birch faced plywood doing it. Anyhow, I found what I needed, then noticed a stack of plywood faced with birch on one side, and maple on the other, for only $29 a sheet. Shazam! I'd never seen maple faced plywood before. I bought four sheets of the stuff. Actually, I'll use the new plywood to build the bookcases, because I'd planned to trim them out with maple anyway, so if I use the maple faced material, the whatever stain I use will will yield a consistent color throughout. Course, now I also have four sheets of very expensive birch plywood just taking up space in the basement, but I'll find a use for it eventually.

There was one funny moment during all of this. I rejected one of the sheets because it had a pattern of knots and grain that greatly resembled a series of faces across the board, almost as if the veneer had been cut off an Ent rather than a tree. There's no way on God's green Earth that I'm building a piece of furniture with Treebeard's visage staring out at me.

Slowly cleaning up the house. Cleaned and did some repairs in the bathroom yesterday, started in on the kitchen today when I wasn't hauling plywood around. Meanwhile, I was paid an enormous compliment by someone a I care about a great deal, which really has me feeling pretty good right now.

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