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Speedy Is Dead

So, it turns out it was more than just the power supply that went on Speedy, my 1.8 GHz P4 machine, the other night. I got a new power supply last night, but installing it did no good. The machine powers up, but nothing happens. Whatever happened must've taken the processor with it. Bother.

I'd been thinking about getting a new machine. Speedy had finally met a program it wasn't powerful enough to run optimally (Flight Simulator 2004) a few months back. For a change, I was thinking about just ordering a Dell rather than building the machine myself. Dell runs some really good deals, but in the end, I decided to wait. Buying a new computer just for the sake of one game is a little extravagant.

Now it's no longer so. I'm typing this on Flash, the PII-350 I built in 1997. I've done some upgrades to it over the years, but it just won't do as a long-term solution. The question now is whether to buy a Dell, or rebuild. Rebuild is more attractive at this point, because most of Speedy is probably still good. I'll have to replace the motherboard, processor, and RAM (probably), but all the drives, and the video and audio cards are probably fine. I'll have to haul the machine into work tomorrow to test them all. Of all of them, the only thing I might want to upgrade is the video card, but I'd have to do that if I bought a Dell, too. Need to do some component pricing.

Still raining outside. Anybody know how long a cubit is? I have this boatbuilding project I'm thinking about...
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