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Dem Bones...

No new major disasters today, other than that I forgot to grab my book this morning. Actually, that's not quite true. I went into the back room, grabbed the book off the nightstand, put it on the kitchen counter while I picked up my satchel and lunch bag, and then walked out the door without it. Which meant I got to spend lunch time in my truck listening to people talk football on WFAN while reading capsule reviews of restaurants in and around Boston because all I had was a free paper to look at. At least I remembered my lunch.

No baseball tonight, so Fox is showing reruns. I flipped back and forth between NCIS (new) and Bones (rerun). The Bones episode was the one with the stupidest terrorist in the world, the one who thought dioxin would make a nifty weapon of mass destruction, even after all the news stories about how undeadly it was when the President of the Ukraine was poisoned with the second highest dose of dioxin ever recorded (he did become severely ill, but survived). Also, it turns out that dioxin is a liquid that's easy to produce in liter quantities using chlorine and melted plastic. No, it's not. Trust me. It's actually a crystalline solid, which Bones should know if she's so smart. It's a shame. I like Boreanez, Deschanel, and most of the other actors, but the writing is just execrable.

NCIS was better. I'm starting to like the Mossad agent who is replacing Kate. Oddly enough, she reminds me a bit of Nilly, especially her quip tonight that she's good at jigsaw puzzles.

In news for the easily confused, I picked up this month's issues of Cook's Illustrated and Consumer Reports when I was at the market the other night. In an odd coincidence, both magazines rated stand mixers this month. What's even odder is that their results, at least with regards to KitchenAid mixers, came out exactly opposite. CR had the KA Classic rated number one, while CI had it next to last, and gave it a "not recommended." Makes you wonder if either bunch knows what they're doing. I was thinking of dropping them both a note, but I'd already sent an e-mail to CI about their totally incorrect illustration of a Vise-Grip, so I figured I'll let someone else raise the question.
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