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We Can Rebuild It...

So, I need to do something about my computer situation. Flash is fine for browsing, but that's about it. Back when I switched over to Speedy, I wiped Flash down and put a clean install of Win95 on it. I did that because I had a game I liked a lot that wouldn't run properly under Win98. I didn't install a lot of other software on the machine. It has Firefox, Trillian, BitTorrent, CD burning software, and pretty much nothing else. No Office, no PageMaker, not even a video player or functioning e-mail client. This all turns out to be quite the roadblock. I watched Lost live this week, so I downloaded Veronica Mars, only to discover I can't play avi files on this machine. I don't even think I can burn it to vcd, because the avi to mpg converter I downloaded indicates it needs a minimum of Win98. Bother. (Plus, I forgot they rerun VM on Saturday nights until five minutes before the episode ended tonight.) I also e-mailed myself some PageMaker files from work so I could work on them tonight, but it's not installed either, and the install CD is at work. I do have a lot of this stuff installed on my laptop, but I left that at work, too.

Anyway, today I figured out exactly what I need to get Speedy back up and running. I can get a P4-3.2 GHz CPU, a good motherboard, and 2 GB of RAM from Directron (thanks, ND) for $574. I also want to upgrade my video card, which I can do for anywhere from $82 to $329, depending on how nuts I want to go. I should note that I could easily drop $500-$1000 on a top of the line card, but I don't have anything that would require such extravagance. The only game I own that taxed my current video card is Flight Simulator 2004, and I can probably get something that'll display that to it's fullest for under $200. I may also need a hard drive, but it doesn't have to be a big one. I have two 120GB drives in Speedy, which as far as I know are undamaged, but I can't just attach the old C drive to the new motherboard. Too many different drivers would just confuse the poor machine too much. I need a clean install of Win98 (or possibly XP, because I'm not yet sure the new MB even has drivers for 98), which means a clean hard drive, at least until I can clean off one of the big drives.

I haven't placed the order yet, because there's a computer show up at CCRI tomorrow, so I want to check out prices there first. Directron can give me three day shipping for only $20, and there's no tax. The show won't charge shipping, but there's 7% sales tax, and most vendors charge a premium (10-15%) for using a credit card, so the deals will have to be very good for me to buy. Plus, I can get some little doodads that would be nice, like some USB ports for the front of Speedy's case.

At least this should keep my mind occupied for awhile. That would be a good thing.
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