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Happy Guy Fawkes Day

Man, was it ever a lovely day. It was bright and sunny, and got up to seventy around mid-afternoon, so I had the windows and doors open to let in some fresh air. I did spend much of the day inside working on getting the new machine up and running (I'm using the new machine to type this, so it worked), but I did get out on my bike for a while this afternoon. I did nine miles on the bike path, along with most of the rest of South County. It was crowded, but there no real speed bumps. It really was a lovely day to ride.

Tonight I heard fireworks off in the distance, so someone was celebrating the day. We used to always have a party back when I was in college, and I rekindled the tradition during my last couple of years in grad school. We burned Reagan and Tip O'Neill in effigy at one. Those were the good old days...
Tags: biking, reminiscence, weather

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