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The Two Towers, Twice

Saw TTT again last night. It was a smaller screen, and we were sitting a bit further back than the first time, so it was easier to take the whole thing in. Also, this time I was watching it while remembering stuff has been discussed on the Phoenix and WX, and looking specifically at things that were sort of bothering me in the recesses of the back of my mind. My biggest peeve is still the Ents' decision not to go to war, and I'm now even more peeved, because I noticed the scene earlier in the film, when Treebeard is taking Merry and Pippin to the Entmoot, and they travel past Isengard (the scene where Merry notices Saruman's army heading for Helm's Deep), which means Treebeard must have already known what Saruman was doing to his forest. That bothered me. Still, that's the only real false note for me in the film. One possibility we came up with was the theme that each of the leaders in the film (Theoden, Faramir, and Treebeard) each start down an incorrect path, and then when they are made to realize their errors, make a correct decision. In the book, they all make the correct choices from the start. In the case of Faramir, that made him appear to be superhuman in his ability to resist the corrupting influence of the ring, so I agree with that change. It's just that Ents don't make snap decisions. That's the point of the Entmoot, which is in the movie.

Other odds and ends - Trying to figure out where the Rohirrim got that arc light that was backlighting Theoden while he was putting his armor on. Didn't even think about it the first time through, but this time I was noticing stuff. I thought they might be going for a Staff of Ra effect from the setting sun, but it was way too blue for sunset, and also, the window in the room had the sunlight coming from the opposite direction.

I still think that Faramir looks a bit like Richard Gere's Lancelot in First Knight, but now that Nutty mentioned it, I can see a resemblance between Faramir and Kevin Sorbo, or more precisely, Faramir and Hercules!Sorbo. I think it's the hair, and the fact that most of his scenes are of him towering over the hobbits, looking very Hercules-like. Please shoot me now.

Geekiest moment of the night came after the show on the T into Boston for First Night, when Nutty pulled out a notebook, and we sketched a quick map of Helms Deep to try and reconcile a couple of questions we had about the final charge of Gandalf and Eomer. For example, why did they come down that particular hill, with a slope steep enough to be dangerous for both horses and riders to charge down? From the map, it looked as though it would be far more tactically sound for the riders to just attack from behind the orc army. (In the book, they couldn't charge from that direction, because by that time the orc eating forest would have sprung up across that approach.) Nutty pointed out that the key advantage of the hill was that the sun was rising over it, preventing the orcs from seeing their attackers. I can buy that.

First Night was fun. There were ice sculptures, some fried dough, and a man impersonating Miss Gulch (from The Wizard of Oz). That last was wickedly funny, showing the, er, softer side of the character. Only downside? Getting home at 2:30 a.m.

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