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Ned Colletti?!?

It's unseasonably warm outside, and my side still hurts. Not as bad as last night, but I'm still limping around. Feh.

Speaking of feh, the Frank McCourt has finally chosen a GM, Ned Colletti, a choice totally from left field. Colletti has been assistant GM for the Jints for the last nine years. Huh?

It's a very odd choice. Of course, everyone else McCourt wanted turned him down. Pat Gillick, John Hart, and even Jim Bowden said no. It's reported that McCourt offered Pitiless Theo an ownership share, but Theo had no pity for Frank. That left it between Kim Ng and Colletti, two people who had exactly the same job with two different teams. The key difference between them is that Ng already knew the organization inside and out. Okay, that, and that she is a woman. Still, how much better than Ng could Colletti have been for McCourt to go with an outsider. Probably not much at all. Is McCourt really that afraid of how the old boy sportswriters club down at the LA Times would've reacted? Probably. After all, these same guys were the ones roasting DePo every day whether he deserved it or not.

The news has not gone down well at Dodger Thoughts. Jon has stated that Colletti needs to be given a chance to show what he can do. Few of the posters seem willing to go along with that. Many are signing on to the Oakland A's bandwagon. Some are furious that a Giant was even considered. More are aggravated not so much that he comes from the Giants, but rather that the Giants are viewed as the antithesis of a sabermetrically correct team. Their front office has gotten a lot of grief for trading young prospects for old, mid-talent players. Colletti wasn't pulling the trigger on these deals, but it's assumed he was a willing accomplice. McCourt has no doubt told him he needs to win immediately, and most of what he has to deal are blue chip prospects that are still a year or two away.

Many are also worried that Ng will now go elsewhere after being snubbed. My own opinion was that if we couldn't get Theo, all other things being equal, I'd rather promote from within. McCourt, however, has his head up his ass.

Next up is the manager's job. My first choice for this, Bobby Valentine, has already taken himself out of the running by signing an enormous contract (four times what the Dodgers were paying Jim Tracy) with the Lotte-Orions in Japan. Now I'm really praying it'll be Orel.
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