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Two resolutions for the coming year. First, I resolve to work on at least one home improvement project each weekend this year. I did this in 2001, and got a lot accomplished until about August, when I managed to get out of the habit. The don't have to be big projects, but there's so much that needs doing, and it hasn't been getting done.

Second I resolve to lose some more weight, and to exercise more. I did a okay job of this in 2002. I lost about 20 pounds this fall, but I still have plenty more that I can stand to lose. Exercise will help. I was doing great with the bike until the heat wave hit in July, and I barely touched the bike after that (only two rides after 7/17). Still had more miles this year than last, but I can do much better. I also began doing a lot of walking this year during the standard time months. My foot healed enough to play volleyball again, too. Unfortunately, all the progress stopped because of the respiratory infection I picked up in November. Lost six weeks of volleyball, and pretty much stopped taking walks. That changes tomorrow night with the first volleyball session of the new year.

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