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NY 119 is the Best. Road. Ever. It helped me survive the trip to NJ. The weather alternated between rainy and miserable, and bright and sunny. Later it got ridiculously cold. Traffic was heavy. I left 95 for the side roads in East Lyme to get around one back up, and there were two more before I even reached Old Lyme (One was an accident which fortunately was on the other side of the highway. Well, fortunate for me, not so much for the participants.) The were also the usual backups at Branford and on the approach to the Tappan Zee, where I left the highway again for the side roads. Go 119! Choose 119!

It was the smallest Thanksgiving dinner I ever remember being at, just my parents, my sister, and me. Everyone else was off with in-laws, or hunting. I'm not used to a family dinner that quiet. Spent some time showing them their houses in Google Earth, along with some other familiar places. We also looked at the air base where my dad was stationed in WWII, which is now the airport in Great Bend, KS. Afterwards, I went back to the parentals' house to take a look at my mom's computer. It's taking a good two minutes plus to run through its post routine, after which XP loads normally. I had no clue, but it's got to be a hardware issue, so I told her to take it the the repair shop and have them take a look. Then I headed on down to Alex's to crash for the night. Spent today driving around Monmouth County with Al going to various hobby shops, hitting the Sam's Club in Freehold to stock up on Yeungling and inexpensive wine, and then dinner before hitting the road late tonight. It was a great decision. There was zero traffic, and I was home in a little over three hours.
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