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Waterloo Sunset's Fine...

The other night while flipping channels I happened upon some documentary footage of some rock band or another being intercut with a talking head. What caught my eye was that the talking head was Tom Robinson, who once upon a time was sort of a protege to Ray Davies (Ray's "Prince of the Punks" is about TR). More footage was shown, and I realized that the footage was actually of the Kinks, so I kept watching. It turned out it was all part of an introduction leading up to an induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which confused me because the Kinks were inducted fifteen years ago. Was VH-1 running a very old repeat? Then Dave stepped up to the dais and spoke. He was a bit overweight and his speech was a bit slurred, and I realized that it couldn't be old video, because this was post-stroke Dave Davies.

It turned out to be the induction ceremony for two year-old UK Music Hall of Fame, and for me it was very sad. It was great to see the original bad up on the dais: Ray, Dave, Mick, and Pete, and all of them were still funny. It's just that when it came time for the band to go on stage to play one of their songs, as all the other inductees had done, it was the Pretenders who went on instead, doing "Waterloo Sunset" as a tribute while Chrissie Hynde's ex and the rest watched from the audience. Halfway through I realized why. Dave the Rave, the brilliant lead guitarist, can't play anymore, at least not to the level he once did. And without Dave, there is no Kinks.

It's been awhile since Dave had his stroke, but it didn't dawn on me until that moment during "Waterloo Sunset" that there will never be another Kinks album. That makes me very sad. The Kinks are dead. Long live the Kinks.

In other news, it's in the sixties and raining cats and dogs out. Very un-almost-December-like weather.
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