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Winter Is Coming...

Being as it was very cold (though sunny) when I got up this morning, I spent a good chunk of the day getting ready for winter. First it was off to get some supplies. I have finally decided that I am too old to be shoveling snow, so I also went looking for a snow blower, specifically this one, which my sister was just got. It's electric so I can safely store it in the house (since I have no shed), and it's compact and light, so I can easily store it out of the way down in the basement. Electric is also good because I have a hard enough time getting the gasoline motor on my lawnmower to run on a pleasant day in the summer much less in the middle of a blizzard. Sis got hers from Home Depot, so I tried there first, but they had none. Next up was Benny's, a store that's world famous if you live in Rhody, But they didn't have any, either. Popular item.

Finally I went up to the nearest Lowes, a place I rarely go to because it's inconveniently placed for me, and I saw not one, but two on display. There was only one in it's box, though, and the box was in tough, tough shape. I was worried about missing parts, but since the box was completely open, I was able to give it a good inspection. Turns out it comes almost completely assembled, so there were no parts to miss. The only thing I had to do at home was unfold the handle and tighten the knobs that keep it in place. Lowes charges $25 to do that for you. Now I desperately want some snow to try it out on.

I also picked up some insulation for the pipes that run between the baseboards and the furnace down in the basement. I had installed some back when I first moved in, but I didn't do all of them. I suspect it was that I seriously underestimated the amount of insulation I needed, and never got around to getting more until now. The insulation is basically a 6' polyfoam tube slit down one side which you just wrap around the pipe. It's a snap to cut to length. The only real problems I had was that some of the pipes to be insulated were located in the cranny between the foundation and the floor joists, so it was awkward getting at them, as well as actually getting the foam to fit in the space between the pipe and the wall/joist/concrete/etc. The kicker was that once again I underestimated the amount of tubing I needed, so I'm still not quite done. I gotta go back to the Depot tomorrow to get at least one more length.
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