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More Monday Music...

shrift started it, and who am I to say nay. Here are a few more cover songs for a mundane Monday. Most of these are loud.

"Sunny Disposish" - Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry
This one is for shrift, with young Dr. House (aka, Bertie Wooster) serenading his gentleman's gentleman. [Written by Philip Charig and Ira Gershwin]

"Absolutely Sweet Marie" - Jason & the Scorchers
Who cares if you can't understand half of what Jason is singing? The Scorchers light a fire under this one. [Originally done by Bob Dylan.]

"Love Is All Around" - Joan Jett
"The Tra La La Song" - Liz Phair
Tough chick rockers do TV theme songs.

"I Want You to Want Me" - Letters to Cleo
The closing credits song from 10 Things I Hate About You. [Originally done by Cheap Trick.]

"Cruella DeVille" - the Replacements
From the Stay Awake compilation of Disney covers.

"Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" - the Who
Pete Townshend should have written this. It fits in so well with Quadrophenia. [Originally done by Elton John.]

"Why Does the Sun Shine" - They Might Be Giants
In 1959, Lou Singer and Hy Zaret (who also wrote "Unchained Melody") wrote a bunch of songs about science, and got Tom Glazer (who wrote "On Top of Spaghetti") to record them. TMBG take it from there.

"Shangri-La" - Versus
Versus once recorded an EP called Shangri-La, which contained three different songs titled "Shangri-La" (one original and two covers), and a fourth song that had originally been recorded by the Shangri-Las. This cover is one of my favorite Ray Davies songs. [Originally done by the Kinks.]

Click here for the whole shebang.
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