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Will Hee-Seop Stay or Will Hee-Seop Go...

Midnight tonight is the time by which teams must offer salary arbitration to eligible players. If the team doesn't offer, the player becomes a free agent, and can't sign with the original team until May 1st. The Dodgers still have two guys waiting for the call, Jason Phillips and Hee-Seop Choi. It's a foregone conclusion that Phillips will be cut loose. Thanks for the effort last season, goggle boy, not really your fault Jim Tracy gave you so much time at first.

Choi is more problematic. He's a good left-handed bat, and even if he wins his arbitration case, he won't be that expensive ($500K). I mean, we're paying Alomar $650K to be Navarro's nanny. Neddy seems to be dragging his feet though. If nothing else, Choi's decent trade bait.

Neddy did make another move, signing Kenny Lofton. Lofton is a good player, but he's 38, and he hasn't played a full season in a while. Here's hoping he's this year's equivalent to Steve Finley.

More on Scrabble scores for baseball names. As I suspected, Javier Vazquez comes in number one, at 53 points. Doug Mientkiewicz (38 points) only comes in tied for sixth, alongside Yhency Brazoban and a bunch o'guys named Gonzalez.

Crossed a few names off the shopping list last night. Went to Garden City, which is an odd combination of two strip malls. At one end you get the upscale mall type stores such as Eddie Bauer clustered around a central boulevard, and at the other you get a shopping center with big boxes like Borders bookending (heh) smaller places like KB Toys and Partyland. Actually the Borders was originally located down at the ritzy end, and I liked it better then. It was much smaller than the new one. Afterwards I took advantage of the best part about Garden City. It's only a couple miles down the street from Popeyes, so it was fried chicken for dinner.

More shoppage tonight as Serenity hits the streets.
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