DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Why Naps Suck...

Made the mistake of taking a nap just before dinner time, and now I can't fall asleep, even though I feel tired. Well, my eyes are tired, anyway. I've even been reading one of the most boring baseball books ever written, George Will's Men at Work, which normally puts me out within a page or two, but no such luck tonight.

Have accomplished nothing of note so far this week, other than resurrecting a simulated USS Lexington from its grave under the Coral Sea, and relocating it to Narragansett Bay so I can attempt to land planes on it in FS2004. I have been spectacularly unsuccessful at that last. A softball buddy of mine used to fly F-14s off the Eisenhower, and I'm always amazed at how easy guys like that make it look as they land a plane doing 150 kts on a deck doing 30 kts that is also going up and down as the ship moves through the waves. Now he flies 747s to Japan. He says it's much less stressful. The relocation involved doing latitude and longitude calculations for the four corners of the arresting gear area on the deck, which involved all sorts of trigonometric arcanery. I eventually gave that up and fudged the calculation based on an empirical measurement of a Google Earth satellite view of a real carrier, the USS Saratoga, which happens to be parked over in Newport waiting to be turned into a museum.
Tags: aviation, baseball, books, games

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