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Life Sucks (Today, Anyway...)

Today was thoroughly miserable. All sorts of problems with the network and our internet connection that turned out to be the last gasps of our router/firewall before it died. To top it off, our European distributor sent Label Woman a stuffed marmot that yodels when you press it's belly. I didn't like it the first time I heard it, but they kept pushing the damn thing's belly all frelling day! Somehow, I managed not to kill anybody, but if I catch that marmot alone, it's going right into the dumpster. Or maybe into the bay in a weighted sack. You can't be too careful...

So now all the work I needed to get done today is in my laptop case so I can work on it on Saturday. Joy!

In other suckalicious news, my cough seems to be making a comeback, causing me to skip volleyball last night. Really getting tired of this. Back to the doctor's, I think. And on top of everything else, Cox dropped channel 56 from it's line up for no apparent reason, so I can't watch the WB in real time anymore. Channel 28 will be showing Angel at 10 pm on Friday nights. No more watch & posts. Bummer!

There is some good news. I made some excellent beef stew for dinner, and there's a couple of meals worth of leftovers. There was a new episode of Farscape, which I enjoyed immensely. Am going out to dinner with volleyball friends tomorrow night, which should be fun. Also, got the news a couple of days ago that my sister Laura is a step-grandmother again, this time step-daughter had twins. BIL is totally ecstatic. Finally, my replacement DVD of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was waiting on the stoop for me when I got home tonight (the original was defective). Yay! Just don't know when I'm going to be able to watch it.

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