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Weekend Blues

Still not in the best of spirits, but I did have a good time last night. Had dinner with some of the v-ball crew, then we went to Boozical, which was fun.

Did some more work on the bookcase prototype. Cut out and assembled the header and footer frames, and the glue is setting as I type. Also put together a metal stand I got at Sam's for the planer and the band saw so that I can roll them out of the way when I'm not using them. I still need to organize the shop a little better. I wasted half an hour yesterday looking for the chuck key to the drill press. As usual, I hadn't put it back in it's proper place the last time I used it. Turns out that I had put in the big box of modeling tools I had out when I was working on Trudy's present. As I said, took me a half an hour before I even thought to look in there. Sigh...

Still, the prototype is looking good so far. The only thing that went wrong was that I tried to rip the plywood for the header and footer using the straightedge (which is a two-piece extruded aluminum bar) and the circular saw. Went really well until I noticed that the ripped wood wasn't a constant width. Turns out the straight edge has some flex to it, so the wood is the correct width near the ends, where the straightedge is clamped, but is wider in the middle, where the maximum flex occurs as you press the saw against the bar. Corrected it easily enough by running the wood through the table saw, and in the process thought of a better way to do it, anyway. Rather than rip one long piece, and then cut the frame pieces to length from that, I'll cut the proper length across the board first, then rip slices of that on the table saw, which means everything will not only be the same width, but also the exact same length. I can do the dados for the cross pieces at the same time, too, again saving steps. Yay for inspiration.

The next step is to attach the sides to the header and footer frames, and install the back material, which for the prototype will be pegboard. Not difficult stuff, just awkward because of the size. After that, just attach a pine face frame, and cut out some shelves.

So, I accomplished a lot, and I had a good time Saturday night, so why am I glum? Still coughing for one thing (and I will call the doctor tomorrow). Plus, I feel like I'm getting nibbled to death by ducks. Every time anything seems to be going well for me lately, something else happens to indicate that what I thought was going well isn't after all. A lot of this is my own damned fault, but not all of it. Sometimes I just wonder why the 'verse seems to have such a hate on for me. I would be really nice to catch a break once in awhile. Blecch.

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