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A Picasso or a Garfunkel...

The weather outside is frightful, alternating rain, snow, and/or sleet, which prevented the ISO assessor from getting here. That means much of my work day is suddenly open, which is fine by me.

The weekend was nice. Saturday was warm and sunny most of the day, so I went up to Boston and spent the afternoon looking at Picassos at the MFA (they certainly have a lot of them) with vwbug. I'd never been to the MFA before, and I discovered that I have a heck of a time getting my bearings within the building, something that is unusual for me. I'm wondering if the architect is the same guy who designed Harvard Square.

Yesterday I cleaned out a couple of trash bags worth of stuff from up in the attic, and did some straightening down in the basement. Not really a lot, but all the going up and down stairs was probably good for me.

I finished another Wolfe book, one I hadn't read before, Please Pass the Guilt. It's the next to last Wolfe novel Stout wrote, and it's pretty good, although it's sort of odd because Stout is writing to the times. It's set in 1969, and the Mets are prominently featured in the background. There are some digs at women's libbers, which is annoying. Also, there is nothing quite so disconcerting as Archie discussing the etymology of "prick" and "pecker," among other words, with one of the female characters. It was a truly read from the hall moment. It also appears that Stout was starting to think a bit about continuity, because there are some little things that seem to be setting up the next (and final) Wolfe novel, A Family Affair.

27 days until pitchers and catchers report.
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