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So, the weather needle continues to waver somewhere around the vicinity of End of March-Beginning of April. Today it seems closer to the March end, though, as it's blustery out and not a little chilly, despite all the sunshine. The lawns in my neighborhood are starting to green up, and there are buds on the ornamental pear trees along the street.

There was a weekend, but I did little of note. I managed to break one of my authentic Ginsu steak knives. The blade came out of the handle whilst I was cutting a piece of cheese. To balance that, I managed to find my long lost kitchen curtains that I haven't seen in, like, a couple of decades. They were in the bottom of a box full of old mending up in the attic that I cleaned out. I like them a lot, but never used them in my old apartment because they were too short for the windows. However, they should fit my current kitchen windows just fine. I'd kind of assumed that I'd thrown them away. Now I just need some curtain rods.

I have other things I could write about, but every time I think to myself, "you should write about that," I then think, "maybe later."
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