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Five Days and Counting...

In the quiet before Spring Training, Dodger Thoughts had a link to this very touching, non-baseballish piece about a math tutor and her student.

Al Michaels lost his gig when Monday Night Football ended its run on ABC, so there were all sorts of rumors that the best football play-by-play man there is would soon be working for NBC. The rumors became official yesterday:

Al Michaels was traded from ABC to NBC for a cartoon bunny, four rounds of golf and Olympic highlights.

Perhaps the coolest part of this is that the bunny in question is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the first cartoon character Walt Disney ever created, and the precursor to Mickey Mouse. Disney created the character for Universal, and tried for years to get the rights back. NBC now owns Universal, and Disney owns ABC, so a deal was struck.

The other thing about the deal that's interesting is that NBC now has two (Michaels and Bob Costas) of the three best baseball play-by-play guys alive (Vin Scully is the third), but has no baseball contract, alas. So we get stuck with Joe Buck for the World Series.

Speaking of bunnies, Will Carroll has a piece over at the Toaster asking what's worse, to wash out in A ball, or at AAA. Also mentioned is one of the great baseball names of all time, Bunny Brief.

The madness will continue. The City of Anaheim lost its suit against Angels owner Arte Moreno to get him to change the name of the team back to the Anaheim Angels. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim they shall remain for the foreseeable future.

Some of the numbers mentioned in the NHL gambling case boggle me a bit. Janet Jones not only lost $500K, she managed to accomplish that feat in only 39 days. She did, however, win $5K betting on the coin toss at the Super Bowl.

There's also a good piece here on how up until this point, the NHL has had sort of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding gambling, which certainly did nothing to discourage the current mess.

Will Leitch on blogs versus newpapers for baseball journalism.

Eric Gagne won't be playing for Canada in the WBC after all, thank heavens. Let's just worry about getting the arm in shape, shall we? J.D. Drew apparently won't be ready for the start of spring training (what a surprise), but is expected to be ready for opening day, which is better than the prognosis for Jayson Werth, who's still having problems with the wrist that was broken in the first game of last spring.
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