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Bored and Unkind

My, but it is blustery today. I can't connect remotely to my home computer from work, so I suspect the power may be out at home.

I haven't watched much of the Olympics since the first weekend. Too many events I'm indifferent about, too many lame X-events, too much Bode Miller, and what the frell is up with all the curling? I did like the opening ceremony in all its goofiness, because the Olympics™ generally takes itself so seriously that it was nice to see things like a Ferrari doing donuts in the center of the arena, and Ronco's greatest hits of the Seventies and Eighties being played during the Parade of Nations. Bringing in Yoko was a thing of genius!

The most impressive thing I saw that first weekend was Ireen Wust's perfomance in the 3000 m women's speed skating event. She wasn't one of the top seeds, but she blew them all away seemingly effortlessly, winning by a full second over the silver medalist. What was really impressive was watching the higher seeds, who all skated after her, try to match her time. None of them could do it. In fact, many looked absolutely exhausted during their heats after trying to keep pace. It was a remarkable feat.

After that, it was all downhill, since most of the stories seem to be about people failing rather than winning. Some of the failing was entertaining, like Lindsey Jacobellis doing her best Leon Lett impersonation, but most was just boring. I did almost watch the figure skating last night because I'd been spoiled for the results, and I really do enjoy watching the little divas fall on their asses, especially if there are tears after (really, despite all evidence to the contrary, I am not a nice person), but in the end I passed. I just didn't want to take the chance that I would suffer a fatal eye rolling attack when the scores were announced.

Baseball is stuck in the silly season between the opening of camps and the first exhibition games. Too many reporters with way too much time on their hands, so one has to be very careful about eye rolling injuries here, as well. The best news so far is that Eric Gagne seems to be healthy.
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