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Exhibition games don't start until Thursday, but I've been having a great deal of fun writing new captions for some of the camp photos at Dodgers.com

Jose Diaz is a Large Man...

Yhency Brazoban (who is 6'1" and about 200 lbs.) looks nervous as Jose Diaz mentions that he's feeling a bit peckish.
Jose Diaz is a Large Man...
Eric Gagne Is the Laziest Man in Camp... Eric Gagne Is the Laziest Man in Camp...

Gagne demonstrates his invention to reduce stress on catchers' knees.
Aaron Sele Is a Scaredy Cat...

Aaron... Buddy... You're supposed to look the ball into the glove, not duck like a little leaguer.
Aaron Sele Is a Scaredy Cat...

Run for It... Run for It...

"Damn! Kent is asking Mueller and Garciaparra how the Sox treat their rookies..."

Mets tickets went on sale this morning at 9, and when I was finally able to get into the web site at 10, all the field level seats for the Dodger game on September 9th were already gone, except for a few way the frell down in the right field corner. Had to be expected for a team for which Great Things Are Expected. I was able to get box seats in the lower mezzanine between home and third, which should be fine.

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