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Up Cox Cable

Took some fiddling and some colorful language, but I managed to watch Angel tonight by connecting an old FM antenna to the UHF inputs on the back of my TV. I found I got the best reception when I finally dropped the frelling antenna on the floor in disgust. (Cox dropped the Boston WB station from it's line up. Providence's UPN station won't be airing it until Friday night.) Next week, I'll have to drag the laptop into the back room so that I can do a proper watch & post. (The "TV" by my desk where I usually watch & post is an old Commodore 64 monitor connected to a VCR and a cable box. There are no antenna inputs anywhere in that combination.)

Unfortunately, my laptop is currently infected with a worm, which I also just had to remove from my desktop, and a bunch of computers at work. Not a lot of fun was had fixing it, but it's not really a damaging worm, it just opens a back door into the machine for whomever sent it. The worst thing about it is that it doesn't come in through e-mail, which I am very careful with, but apparently just comes directly in through your cable connection. We got it at work when the firewall crashed, and we had to replace it over the weekend with a little router like I have here at home. No protection at all, it turns out.

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