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Bedtime Journals...

I suppose that one of the signs that you've been spending too much time online is when you dream about typing up a LiveJournal post. Sometime Saturday night, I dreamt just that. I was writing about a family I knew in grammar school, and how they pronounced their name one way while their cousins who lived across town pronounced it another way. Two things about that. First, I'm amazed that the name of the family is still floating around in my subconscious, considering I don't think I've consciously thought about them since eighth grade. Second, I don't even remember if there really were cousins, or if it was just the original family who moved across town, maybe because everyone on our side of town was pronouncing their name wrong. Memory is such a tricky thing.

Last night I turned out the lights at eleven, which is a little early for me, figuring on getting a full eight hours. I didn't sleep well. I'm used to waking a couple of times during the night, but I was very surprised the first time I woke last night, because it was only 11:35. I guess my body decided that since I'd gone to bed early, I'd only intended to nap.
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