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It's Hot

It got well up into the eighties, less humid than the weekend, but it didn't cool off as evening came, plus almost no breeze. Decided to install the air conditioner I picked up at Sam's a few weeks ago. General Electric, 5000 BTU, just enough for the back room. Installed easily enough (although not as easily as the old one), and it's much quieter than the old one. So I'll be sleeping in cool comfort tonight.

Earlier today, in Natter, Scrappy mentioned that she and her BF had to put their cat to sleep:

"He was 19, though, and had a great adventurous life. His first 10 years were spent with his brother as the offical theater cats of the New York Shakespeare Festival, where he trained Joe Papp to turn on his desk lamp promptly upon arrival, so he could sleep under it. He made many unscheduled cameo appearances in play readings by America's finest actors, by deciding to walk across the table during them.

To which JZ replied, in part:

"It sounds like he led a fuller and more magical life than 99% of the humans in this world."

To which I was thinking:

"Including mine! How sad is that!?!"

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