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Sunny Afternoon

Lovely day outside. Could it be spring? Four of my crocuses think so, as they've popped open in all their purple and gold glory. I presume there are more thinking about blooming any day now. Last year they didn't bloom until the 30th. Meanwhile, there are daffodil shoots aplenty, and even a few tulips poking up out of the ground.

It was so nice I hauled the Univega down to the bike path for a short ride. Turned out I wasn't the only one, because the parking lot at the station was packed. Fortunately, it was late afternoon, so the temperature had started to drop, and the parents and kiddies were leaving up in droves. It was a little chilly, but I was warm enough in my sweatshirt. I had a remarkably easy ride out, which I realized was probably a tailwind. Sure enough, the ride back was way slow because now I was working against the headwind. When you have as much sail area as I do, the wind matters. Still, I managed okay. I did seven miles, which is fine for the first time out. Actually, that was just about perfect, because my knee started to twinge just as I got back to the truck. Need to find my knee support. Also need to take to Univega over to Caster's sometime this week for a tune-up.

Tonight, I need to tackle my taxes. Tomorrow, it's off to Jersey for my dad's birthday.
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