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And on the Homefront...

More whining. In addition to the goings on at work,

  • my home computer got hit by the same worm that hit work, and
  • my cough continues to get worse.

My lungs never did completely recover from the infection I had back in November, but they were getting better until about two weeks ago. I can still get to sleep without problems, and there's no associated fever or headache, but during the day I've had spells where I coughed so hard that I pulled a muscle in my side. It's worst when I'm exposed to cold air, outside or in the car or even down in my basement today (way below twenty here in RI), which is a pretty clear sign that it's asthma related, which means the Flovent isn't working. Going to see the doctor on Thursday. It's so frustrating. I can't even laugh hard without coughing, and when I tried going for a walk, I had to turn around. No volleyball, either. Bother.

I didn't love last night's Farscape as much as most people seem to. It's possible this is because so many of people who saw it early by downloading it were raving about the episode, that it just couldn't match the hype, but I still don't see what they're raving about. It was okay, but I found a lot of it annoying, especially John and Aeryn dancing around their feelings yet again.

I'm still a fan though, and I want to see what happens next. In fact, I downloaded Bittorrent today, and I'm downloading the next episode as I write this. It actually seems to work much better than KazaaLite for this sort of stuff. We'll see.

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