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Getting Ready for Opening Day

Nice day out. The temperatures seem to finally have become spring-like, although there was some frost last night. The local Home Depot is getting their garden center ready to open, and they have a bunch of forsythia plants sitting out in front. They're more expensive ($20) than they were last year ($16), but they're also taller, so probably worth the extra cost. Tonight, now that I've made some room in the bed of the truck, I'll go back and buy five of them. I'm not taking any chances on getting shut out like I did last year.

Whether they get planted this weekend depends on how my back feels. I've had a bad few days. I was sick over the weekend, and then my lower back started killing me yesterday afternoon. Not sure why. It feels somewhat better this morning, so I'm hopeful for the weekend.

Another sign of impending spring weather is that mlb.com has revamped their home page for the upcoming season a bit. It looks good, although they still haven't fixed the scripting bug that causes it to occasionally go into constant reload (at least in Firefox).

The Sox and Devil Rays decided to use their most recent Grapefruit League game to practice their brawling skills. Julian Tavares of the Sox and Joey Gathright of the Rays got into it after Tavares tagged Gathright out at home, stepping on his arm in the process. Gathright, er, requested that Tavares get off his arm, at which point Tavares clocked him, and then hit him again for good measure.

Gathright said Tavarez stood on his right forearm after the tag. Tavarez agreed but said he wanted to beat Gathright to the punch.

"I saw him try to get up and I wasn't going to let him throw a punch at me right away," said Tavarez, who threw a second punch on the top of Gathright's head. "You hear about whoever throws the first punch gets the win. That's what happened."

Seems like a sound philosophy of life to me. The Sox's Josh Beckett seems to agree, calling Tavares "a gentle soul." A gentle soul who's been suspended three times in his career for brawls.

Meanwhile, Trot Nixon says all this could be avoided if they just didn't have to play each other so much. All of which has me pondering whether things could be worked out if only Nixon could go to Tampa.

My favorite (not really very spoilery) moment on House last night was when Wilson looked at House's TiVo menu, and found a gazillion episodes of The New Yankee Workshop stored therein.
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