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We have achieved daffodils (well, two of them, anyway), and about a week and a half earlier than last year. Tried to pick up some forsythia plants at the Depot last night, but the garden center wasn't open yet. It is open today, however, so I shall stop by tonight. It's supposed to be a lovely weekend, so I shall dig, and perhaps do some other yard work.

The Dodgers broke camp after Wednesday's game, with most of the team heading to Las Vegas to play an exhibition against the Mariners. They did leave behind a small squad of players, most of them wearing numbers in the nineties, to play one final exhibition against the Astros. Things were fine until the bottom of the eighth, when someone named Mark Alexander gave up a hit, and then walked three guys. He was replaced by a guy called Spike Lundberg, who pitched a little batting practice (seven straight hits) for the Astro batters. The only notable thing about the game is that Pat Borders hit a home run against Andy Pettitte, in what was probably Borders's last game ever against major league pitching.

The pre-season Freeway Series starts tonight against the Angels. Last year, this series was the first indication that something was terribly wrong with the team, so I will be watching (well, listening) intently. The last couple of roster spots are still not set, so the series will be used to finalize those, as well.

The final pitching slot seemed to be coming down to Aaron Sele, Brian Meadows, and Yhency Brazoban. Brazoban had the worst spring of the three, but it was Sele and Meadows who were released. Sele was offered a chance to go to Las Vegas, but he'd rather go to another team. Meadows was snagged by Tampa. Brazoban is still not a sure thing, because the Dodgers recalled lefty Tim Hamulack, who they'd only sent down to AAA a couple of days before. I suspect they'll both get a chance in the series to prove they should stick.

Meanwhile, Rafael Furcal may have to go on the DL with back spasms, which means both Ramon Martinez and Oscar Robles probably make the team. That would probably help Cody Ross, too, who had a great spring, is out of options, and was likely to be traded or waived.

I should probably also note that Anna Benson has filed for divorce from her husband, Kris, a pitcher with the Orioles. Anna was quite the distraction as she tried to promote her own career as a minor celebrity wannabe while her soon-to-be ex was pitching for the Mets last year. She publically threatened to sleep with everyone on the team if she ever caught hubby cheating on her. The pitching poor Mets grew tired of her act, and traded Kris, a decent pitcher, to the Orioles for a handful of magic beans and Jorge Julio. She claims the marriage is "irretrievably broken." I suspect it's more that you can't keep the girl down in Baltimore after she's seen New York.
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