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Forsythias are purchased, although I wasn't able to do it last night. I did remember to drop the Univega off at Casters for a tune-up. They told me it won't be done until the 19th, so any bike riding in the mean time will have to be on the widowmaker. Speaking of which, I asked the service guy about raising the bar on that bike, and he said I'd need to get a different handlebar post installed, since the new fangled posts aren't adjustable up and down the way the old fashioned kind were. Bother. No doubt they ain't cheap, either.

Since I was up that way, I drove over to the new Depot in Coventry. The garden center was open, but barren of forsythia, and a lot of other shrub-like products. Very strange. I tried stopping at the local Depot on the way home. It had lots of shrubs, but the garden center had already closed for the day. I went again early this morning, and got there just as it opened for the day. No crowds yet, whoot! Actually, it's kind of crappy out, gray and chilly, with occasional sprinkles, so I suspect the garden crowds will be small today anyway.
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