DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

April Daze

Rode my bike a little yesterday over at Quonset, the first chance I've had since I got it back from the shop. It's working great, although the bike computer refused to acknowledge that the bike was moving. The computer itself seems okay, and there are no obvious breaks in the wire down to the sender. I'm hoping it's just some crud on the contacts. The ride was okay, but short. The day was sunny, but tres blustery, especially down where I was next to the bay. Riding into the wind was like trying to bike through a swimming pool full of syrup. I spent a little time on foot exploring the woods down near the airport. There used to be an old house on the site, but it's long gone, and the hoped for view overlooking the airport doesn't exist. The only surprise was that there was some other guy wandering around up there, something I didn't expect at all.

I rode on along the edge of the ANG base, with all it's security area warnings, past the general aviation buildings, and had gotten to the Air Museum when I heard a jet take off behind me. By the time I turned around, it was long gone, spoiling my one opportunity at plane spotting.

When I got home, I hauled out the mower for the first dandelion lopping of the season. Started right up, imagine that. The lawn now looks good. The flowers are going by. The Bradford pears are now mostly green, the daffodils are on their last legs, and the tulips never did show up. The rhododendrons are losing their flowers, too. I am cheered that the ones I planted last year all survived, and bloomed well. Even my new forsythias bloomed spottily once they shook off their dormancy. Almost instant gratification.

Considering all the exertion, I felt pretty good today, but it was even more blustery, so I holed up in the house to do laundry, and fool around on the computer.

I was going to write something about how well the Dodgers have been pitching since the first week, but then the bullpen finished up April by blowing a five run lead to the worst hitting team in baseball (the Padres) in the bottom of the ninth today. Very depressing. To top it off, the post game discussion at DT got derailed when some troll with a bone to pick with one of the regulars decided to take it out on him by spamming the blog with profanity. It went on for over a hundred comments, most of which were simply him repeating the line "F*** you, [insert name here]!" over and over again. It got to be almost hypnotic after a while.
Tags: baseball, biking, weather, yard

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