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Maybe We Should Just Fill Out This Roster in Pencil...

I probably shouldn't talk about the Dodgers, because in my heart of hearts I know that it was my optimistic post Tuesday that triggered the current disastrous stretch (five straight losses and counting), but what they hey. How much worse can it get?

Last night, Tomko pitched one of the best games of his mediocre life, but the offense did nada. Meanwhile, both Navarro and Mueller both had to leave in the third inning with injuries. They are being examined today, but given how the injuries just keep coming, what are the odds they won't need to go on the DL?

This is really getting ridiculous. As someone noted over at Baseball Think Factory:

NTNgod Posted: May 05, 2006 at 04:41 AM (#2005030)
Here's how single-minded the Dodger Injury Curse is:

The opposing pitcher GETS WHACKED ON THE HEAD WITH A BAT ON THE MOUND, yet stays in the game.
The Curse said, 'Nope, you're not wearing a Dodger uniform. Go get 'em, kid.'

Andre Ethier, himself filling in for the injured Ricky Ledee, hit a grounder to the infield, shattering his bat in the process. As the pitcher, Clay Hensley, turned around to watch the play behind him, the helicoptering barrel of the bat smacked him hard in the back of the head. It took four stitches to close the cut, but he stayed in the game, wearing a batting helmet placed gingerly over his heavily bandaged noggin. Meanwhile, Vin Scully was regaling us with the story of the worst such incident he's ever seen, when the jagged end of one of Duke Snider's bats ripped through Larry Jackson's cheeks, removing some of his teeth in the process. Yikes!

It's not just the overt injuries, either. Furcal still isn't 100%, and no matter what Jeff Kent says, he's clearly trying to play through something, and it's hurting the team. Meanwhile, Odalis Perez's mother is deathly ill, so he's in the Dominican to be with her. That, plus the fact that he's absolutely sucked in his last two starts, means we'll probably see Aaron Sele's (yes, THAT Aaron Sele) triumphant return to the majors on Sunday. Ay caramba!

Looks to be a good weekend to just ride my bike, and think mind-numbing thoughts.

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