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State of Confusion...

Woke up in a panic,
Like somebody fired a gun
I wish I could be dreaming,
But the nightmare's just begun.
There's flooding in the basement,
There's water all around.
There's woodworm in the attic
And the ceiling just fell down.
I'm in a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
I'm in a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
-- Ray Davies, "State of Confusion"

No woodworm, actually, just more rain and a boxful of wet books.

The good - I won an auction for a proper bicycle saddle. It was cheap, too, only £7.
The bad - Yes, I said £7. It has to be shipped from England. Haven't found out how much that is going to cost yet. (Finally heard from the seller. £14 for shipping. Oy.)

The good - Thanks to a wet vac, a fan, and a dehumidifier, I was able to get the basement mostly dry overnight.
The bad - Not only did the rain today bring in more water downstairs, the wind drove it right through the apparently non-existent seals of one of the attic windows, creating a nice little puddle up there. Sitting in the middle of the puddle was a box containing a bunch of Elias and Bill James baseball annuals from the late eighties and early nineties. They had been in excellent condition. Now they're all soaked. Plus, the basement smells sorta like a wet dog. Bother.

I tried calling my mother for Mothers Day, but it turns out she left for Disney World with a couple of my sisters and some assorted grandkids this morning. I tried her cell, but couldn't connect. Le sigh.

My computer decided that today would be a good day for the chipset fan to start making loud squealy noises. Tried blowing out the dust, and blowing in both graphite and silicone, but it's a lost cause. I finally unplugged the fan. Need to find a replacement before the chip it's on fries. (Heh, frying chips! )

I sent most of the rest of the day exploring the virtues of lethargy, although I did take some time out to mend three pair of slacks while listening to the Dodgers beat the Jints. That's actually quite an accomplishment because I suck at sewing. At least I'll have some halfway decent trousers to wear at the F2F.

Currently I'm watching the chariot chase from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and thinking about sleep.
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