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Retired from the festivities early last night, went out for a walk in the rain and a chicken sandwich, and then went back to my room to read. I also tried to pull in the Dodger game on Gameday audio, but my ancient laptop needs a bunch of software upgrades to make that work, and I really didn't have the patience last night. Instead, I watched as the stumblebum Braves gave up lead after lead to the DBacks. I must admit to a bit of schadenfreude regarding the Braves situation this year (after sixteen years of putting up with smug old Skip Carey), but could somebody out there please beat the DBacks?

It turns out I really should've made the effort to pull in the game, because the Dodgers frelling crushed old friend Jeff Weaver and the Angels, 16-3, pounding out 25 hits in the game, something they hadn't done in 75 years. Andre "the Giant" Ethier (which if you think about it is a terrible nickname for a Dodger), was 5-5 with a home run and a sac fly, raising his batting average 95 points. Aaron Sele looked shaky in the first two innings, but settled down after that to get the win.

Lance Carter, the blower of big leads, was recalled from Las Vegas yesterday. Grady Little claims Carter had straightened himself out in AAA, and called upon him to close out the ninth. Carter came in with a fourteen run lead, and promptly did his best to try to get it down to something more manageable, giving up a run and three hits before the hapless Angels took him off the hook. Feh.

Meanwhile, the decision to replace Jeff Weaver with Brett Tomko is looking great right now. Weaver has been getting pounded regularly in the AL (7.30 ERA), while Tomko is doing far better than anyone had a right to expect going into the season (2.88 ERA). So happy we didn't knuckle under to Boras on this.
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