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Notes on the Rest of the F2F

Luxury suites are a very nice way to watch a ball game, especially when it's cold and rainy. Pity the A's didn't win.

I have to reiterate what everyone said about debg going above and beyond the call of duty this weekend. She is one fabulous host and great cook.

After dinner at Chez Deb, six of us piled into Deb's Camry for the trip back to the hotel. AmyP drew short straw and wound up stretched out across three of us in the back seat, as Nic said, like a seat belt. There was much giggling at Amy's expense as we drove along, poor thing.

The flight from SFO to Dulles found me trapped next to a woman who spent most of the flight poaching into my seat. Very annoying being squashed between her and the window. I mean, I'm very wide (and probably wider than this woman was), but I still manage to fit into my alloted space. She could've, too, because there was brief stretch when she took a nap where she managed not to smoosh herself up against me. Very annoying. The only respites were the many trips she made to the lavatory, which gave me some intervals where I could, you know, move my arms and stuff.

Also annoying was that the audio on my favored channel 9 was overlaid with a loud whine, making it painful to listen to. I would still check it every now and then, just to get a vague idea of where we were by listening to the ATC center identify itself. Eventually, the pilot turned it off, substituting Tom Petty's "Buried Treasures" XM radio show. We were somewhere over the plains, and I was looking at a couple of cities, wondering where we were, wishing I had my trusty Rand McNally. (I made a couple of the worst sketches of the cities and adjoining landmarks ever, figuring to check on Google Earth later. They turned out to be Des Moines and Davenport, IA.) At first I thought that I'd accidently hit the channel selector and changed the setting, but it happened while poacher girl was in the lav, so I was finally able to look at the audio controls on the armrest (which had been draped under her frelling jacket for most of the flight), and saw that it was still set to 9. It was then that I noticed that there was a control for the teeny video screen embedded above the tray table. I'd just assumed that there was no movie on this flight, but it turns out you have to turn it on for it to work, which assumes that some obnoxious woman hasn't hidden the frelling thing with her jacket. Then I noticed the little button next to the video button that said "map." When I pressed it, a GPS map showing the plane's location popped onto the screen, along with data like ground speed, altitude, distance traveled, and eta. Shazam! It's like the best thing ever. Well, except for the occasional trivia questions it insisted on showing in between the data and maps.


On final approach to Dulles, we flew over this star thing, and I couldn't for the life on me figure out what it was. It was near Manassas, so I wondered if it might be a war memorial or something. When I looked at it on Google Earth later, I finally figured it out. It's five softball fields arranged in a rosette.

Meanwhile, the air had gotten choppy, and poacher girl had buried her head in the seat back in front of her, and was whimpering and stuff during the entire approach. I suppose I could've said something comforting, but I was enjoying the schadenfreude too much. I'm really not all that nice a guy. At least I didn't succumb to my impulse to mutter "Oh, God, we're not gonna make it."
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