DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Windows for What?

Spent a couple hours renewing my acquaintence with Windows for Workgroups (i.e, Windows 3.11) today. We have one instrument, purchased in 1992, that still needs Win 3.1 to run its data acquisition software. Today it stopped working, so I had to take a look at it to figure out why. Turns out it was just that the hard drive was full, having a year and a half's worth of raw gas chromatography runs stored on it. It's only a 1.5 GB drive. The computer is a 486-66 which originally came with a 100 MB drive. We used to have to move the data of off that (and onto a Bernoulli Box!) monthly, IIRC. Later we added an ethernet card to the machine (and WfW) so we could move data around that way, which is what I wanted to do today.

Just one teensy little problem. The machine doesn't have TCP/IP installed on it as a network protocol, just NetBEUI (and IPX, but the Novell server's been gone a long time). So I had to track down another machine that had both space, and NetBEUI installed. Fortunately, the Win98 machine I have Microsoft Post Office installed on (shut up) fit the bill, so I was able to move a month's worth of data over to that, from whence I can move it to a machine with a burner. Good thing I'm old, and can remember this stuff.
Tags: computers

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