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I finally got to ride my bike again last night, after an almost three week layoff. Stoopid weather. Nothing but rain, and on the occasional day when the rain lets up and the the weather is suitable for riding, the lawn invariably needs mowing. It's frustrating. We're just about at the latest sunsets of the year, and I haven't been able to take advantage because of the frelling weather.

It's beach season in South County, which means huge traffic backups at every light along the main arteries to and from the shore. That includes Rt. 2, the single laned country road that is my usual route down to the bike path. Since it was Friday evening, I figured the traffic would even be worse than usual for summer, so I took the back roads, figuring to cut through URI, which is just down the road from Kingston station (where the bike path starts). URI is out of session, so there shouldn't be any traffic at all, right? Nope. Chariho High was holding their graduation on campus at the Ryan Center last night, and the roads I needed to go through were clogged with kids in white graduation gowns, doting family members carrying flowers and stuff, and the attendant campus traffic cops trying to sort things out. It was still probably better than Rt. 2, but I'm really getting tired of the universe using me as its personal butt boy.

The ride itself was good. I had the path mostly to myself, a rarity lately. I did nine miles, and took it fairly easy. I felt very good after, no knee pain or other such complaints. The new saddle is breaking in nicely.

Today I have to buckle down and clean this place, 'cause I've got company coming next weekend.
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