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Have just come inside from watching the Thunderbirds practice. Not a great day for it, as it's overcast with occasional sprinkles, but it made a nice break from the hell that my job has been of late. At lunch time I drove down to the observation lot next to the airport to do a little plane spotting. I was rewarded with one of the oddest formations of aircraft flying by that I've ever seen. It included a teensy little aerobatic aircraft, a twin-engined Beech, another twin-engined prop, and a beautifully restored F-86 Sabrejet (a Korean War vintage fighter), of all things. That was neat!

My father checked into a hospital yesterday for the first time since he was 8 (he's 81 now). Nothing serious, just 'scope procedure to repair a hernia. He's home, and my mother says says he's doing fine.
Tags: aviation, family

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