DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Four-Day Weekend - Part the First...

Yesterday was lovely, temps in the seventies, bright and sunny with a nice breeze, possibly the nicest weather we've had all year. Pity it didn't come last weekend when I could have used it for something fun. As it was, I spent my time outdoors mowing the lawn. The rest of the day was spent cleaning the basement, which sorely needs it. I hauled up several bags of crap, plus some stuff for the Salvation Army, and there's still plenty more to do down there. I also fixed the rocking chair I got when my aunt passed away, yikes, almost three years ago.

Today was hazier and more humid, although still not terribly hot, and I did spend a quite a bit of time outside, but again it was to do yardwork. The shrubs and hedge are all trimmed, and one of those miserable autumn olive trees has been cut out from where it migrated from the evil thicket into the midst of the azalea. After that, I attacked the thicket, cutting down several large autumn olive limbs that were encroaching into the back yard. It gets tiresome. The damns things grow sideways, and the bigger they get, the lower they hang. I'm constantly whacking my head on them when I mow back there. Eventually, they get so heavy that they just lay on the ground. I wish the damn trees would act like normal trees, and grow upwards rather than outwards. Man, I would dearly love to just defoliate the whole thing. I wonder what we have lying around the lab that I could use. Hmmm...

Tomorrow in Project Home Improvement, DX is off to the Depot for some plastic lumber to replace the rotten trim boards on one corner of the house, followed by some gutter fixing.

Almost forgot to mention that I picked my first ripe tomato today, from my lonely potted vine. Unfortunately, although the top was red, when I turned it over I discovered that it had blossom end rot, so I had to pitch it. Bother.
Tags: house, weather, yard

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