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Four-Day Weekend - the Rest of the Story...

Not much to tell, actually. Monday morning I'd finally had enough of the humidity, so I hauled the air conditioners up from the basement and stuck them into their respective windows. Easy enough except that the Haier roll-around a/c is really a pain to get up the stairs. I had to bring it up one step at a time, not so much because of its weight (although it is heavy), but rather because it's just so frelling big and awkward (about the size of a half-height refrigerator). I feel sort of guilty about switching to the a/c, because it really never got that hot. It might have gotten to the mid-eighties yesterday, and today it was in the seventies, but the humidity has been miserable. I was just tired of breathing fog. It aggravates the asthma. A day later, and I'm not coughing nearly as much as I was earlier.

Anyway, rather than doing the outdoor projects I had planned, I stayed in. I did a couple weeks worth of accumulated laundry, did some more cleaning down in the basement. I also polished the old rocker I fixed the other day, and hauled that up to the living room. Then, the nice man from UPS dropped off a package of bicycle parts I'd ordered last week. Installing them was something else I could do inside, so I did. More on that next post, because that's a story in itself. I did take the bike for a ride, and the best thing I can say about the ride is that I don't think I swallowed any bugs.

The rest of my time was spent listening to baseball games and puttering around on Flight Simulator. Among other things, I've learned some of the ins and out of flight planning and Victor airways, and that you should never, ever, fly a DC-3 into a thunderstorm.

It's been a weird couple of days in Dodger land. Monday, Nomar was plunked three times in one game, tying a major league record. Interestingly enough, it's the third time this particular record has been tied this year. Toronto's Reed Johnson has already managed to do it two times this year. Johnson's been plunked thrice twice!

And on top of everything else, just when many of us thought the Dodgers' pitching situation couldn't possibly get any worse, who trots into tonight's game but Giovanni Carrara, who I last saw pitching for the Pirates' AAA team against the PawSox back in April. He came into a 0-0 tie in the tenth inning, loaded the bases, and then gave up the game winning sacrifice fly. I mean, the Pirates are by far the worst team in the National League, and they decided that he wasn't good enough to pitch for their minor league team, so they released him. I have no idea why Neddy signed him. He's already given up a run in his first inning of work. Fortunately, LA still has an eight run lead. ::Crosses fingers...::
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