Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
10:53 pm - Cookies and Detention  
Got what started out to be the cutest phone call ever tonight, from Blake and Sandi's daughter. She selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time ever, so I ordered a couple of boxes of thin mints. Yay! <does dance of incipient cookies> Got to catch up with Sandi a bit, too. She's planning on building some cabinets in their basement, so we talked about bookcases and such. She did have one piece of disturbing news. The husband of one of our friends was detained by the INS for visa problems. This was not unexpected, because he's had these problems for years (some of which seem to be his own fault), and now with the latest crack-down, we don't know what to expect. His wife is a citizen, and their children are all citizens. His main problem is that before he married A, he was in India's secret service. He was even stationed in Moscow for awhile. Feeling really bad for A and the kids right now.
Current Mood: concerned
Current Music: "All About Chemistry" - Semisonic