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I eventually managed to get the various pieces of wood down into the basement. For the sheet of plywood, it was just a matter of moving a couple of screens, some lawn furniture, and a few other wood sheets that were leaning up against the cellar wall opposite the bottom of the stairs. I got the extremely long boards down by attacking the problem diagonally (lateral thinking!), and snaking them through the open studs and shelving on one side of the stairs. It was a nifty solution. However, it would've been a whole lot niftier if I hadn't forgotten that I'd parked the aforementioned screens opposite the gap I was snaking the boards through. I now have two 1x4 shaped holes in the screen for the back room. Dee X. Machina, Sooper Genius...

I took that as a sign that I shouldn't attempt to do a whole lot more in the way of thought intensive tasks for the weekend. I did some more cleanup down in the basement, and it's gradually getting back to being usable. I spent a good chunk of time flying a DC-3 from Quonset Pt. to Chicago-Midway and back (five hours or so each way, and about as boring as it sounds) in Flight Simulator while listening to the Dodgers and watching DVDs.

I also did 17+ miles on the bike yesterday. Checking my bike log, I am embarrassed to report that it's the first time I've done that long a ride in almost three years. I really do need to crank the effort up a little. I'm gonna hit the path again today, and see how far I get. I was pretty stiff when I woke up this morning, but that seems to have mostly passed. We'll see.
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