DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Hot, Hazy, and Humid...

Foot still hurts, and will probably hurt for a good long while, because that's what plantar fasciitis likes to do. Pedaling does help to ease the pain for a bit, so we'll see how that goes. I rode again yesterday, but skipped today to let the legs recover. Will try again tomorrow, weather permitting.

Otherwise I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. I painted the plastic wood I bought to replace the rotten corner boards on the east corner of the house. It was very gratifying to discover that 4 year-old housepaint left over from the last paint job was still viable, because it looked like crap when I opened the cans. Next weekend I should be ready get out the ladder and take a wrecking bar to the corner. I also finally figured out what to do about the front porch lights (it's only been a year or so), so that may be on the agenda, too.

Mostly I stayed inside to avoid the heat. I fiddled with scenery in Flight Simulator, then discovered that even with the a/c going, it's too warm in the house to actually fly anything because the strain the simulator puts on the CPU keeps overheating the frelling thing. Apparently I've been running it very close to the processor's safe limit (85°C), and the fact that it's ten degrees warmer than normal in here is just enough to tip it up and over. Bother. A couple of sites I've looked at seem to indicate that updating the BIOS will help to some extent, so I went to try it, but the process requires a floppy disk, and I didn't have one I trusted handy. I must remember to grab one from work tomorrow. I'll also take a ride up to CompUSA and pick up another cooling fan.

Now to bed, because I'm sleepy. One of the many things I hate about my life lately is that during the week, I can sleep until the alarm wakes me at 6:40, regardless or when I went to bed. Not only do I sleep until the alarm, but given how I feel when the alarm goes off, I could probably sleep much longer. Come the weekend, though, I wake up before six, and can't get back to sleep. Even if I don't fall asleep until well after midnight, as I did last night. At least tonight I can go to sleep knowing that I probably won't wake up for good until twenty of seven.
Tags: biking, computers, health, house, whining

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