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Motherfucking Hornets in the Motherfucking Grill...

So, I throw a couple of lovely pork chops on the grill, brined a la Alton, then close the top, and head inside for a couple three minutes. When I come back out to turn them over, I discover that the propane has run out. No biggie, I have a spare tank. I disconnect the empty, put it next to the stoop, and then start attaching the spare.

Next thing I know I'm being swarmed by hornets, who're madder than... Well, you get the idea. Apparently they'd built a nest in a metal support tube for one of the side shelves, and didn't appreciate my banging around directly below it. Got stung once on my left hand, and swatted away a couple of others who were moving in to get a piece of me. They stayed mad for awhile afterwards, too. I never did get the tank attached. I brought the meat inside, and finished it in a pan. While it was cooking, I slathered Benadryl gel on the sting. My hand still hurt like hell.

After it got dark, I went out and sprayed some general purpose insecticide into the underside of the shelf, with particular attention to the support tube. It's gusty out, so even staying upwind I managed to spray myself a couple of times. I showered afterwards. I'll have to hose down the grill before I use it again, too.

This all started with a trip to BJs yesterday morning. It was such a lovely day after the miserable heat, that I just couldn't wait to get out and buy stuff. They had big packs pork chops and boneless pork ribs on sale. I was in Homer Simpson heaven. I also picked up a cheap DVD, a big box o'Tide, and sundry other things.

The DVD was The Bridges at Toko-Ri, in which William Holden plays a bitter Navy carrier pilot during the Korean War. He's assigned to the fictional carrier USS Savo Island, which is sailing in formation with another carrier, the (non-fictional) USS Hornet, so you see it's all fucking connected...

The movie is based on a James Michener novel about the futility of war (aren't they all), and the creepy fascination of a commanding Admiral (Fredrik March) for young men who remind him of his dead son. It was an unusual book for Michener in that's it's short. I've never much cared for the story. Mostly I watch it for the aerial scenes, which are first rate, and nekkid Grace Kelly. (Okay, she's neck deep in a Japanese bath at the time, but still, nekkid.)

I actually read the novel a very long time ago, and the movie is pretty faithful to it. The only real deviation is that instead of the F2H Banshees the squadron flies in the novel, the movie has them in F9F Panthers. The planes were contemporaries, and flew the same sorts of missions, so not that big a deal. (John Glenn and Ted Williams flew Panthers. Jim Lovell and Neil Armstrong flew Banshees.) It's just that the Panther lasted a little longer in service, so that's what was still available when the movie was made. The Savo Island in the movie was played by the USS Oriskany, which was itself in the news a couple of months ago when it was scuttled in the Gulf of Mexico to create an artificial reef.
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