DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Vinyl Siding Salesmen on a Plane...

We really have had a nice string of weather lately, and today it was lovely again. I rode this evening, then had grilled tri-tip for dinner. Very tasty.

Meanwhile, my neck is bothering me quite a bit, and I'm not sure what I did to set it off. It started sometime this afternoon when I was at work, which was basically an afternoon spent hanging out on the interbunny, and it's both painful and annoying. I will take some ibuprofen an go to bed early I think. (eta: Or as soon as I post this.)

Amongst other things, I was involved in a very silly discussion at DT that I would COMM, if only they had a COMM thread. Since there isn't one over there, I will record it for posterity here.

It started when one poster, who's been unable to receive his MLB cable package for the last few days reported that the problem was finally resolved...

Icaros: Extra Innings and Gameday Audio are working again!

Moral: Don't let crazy drunk girls into your apartment because one of them will kick your cable splitter in such a way that every channel you own comes in fine except for the baseball games you paid $160 for.

Now back to my hermitage.

bhsportsguy: I appreciate you support of the team but are having crazy drunk girls in your apartment ever a bad idea? Maybe age makes me forget the downside of that scenario.

DXMachina: I was just going to ask the same question. Crazy drunk girls in an apartment are like the exact opposite of snakes on a plane.

Midwest Blue: I'm curious
a) how you were able to find out the problem was with the splitter,
b) how you were able to pinpoint that a crazy, drunk girl had kicked the splitter, and
c) when is your next party?

Jon Weisman: Snakes on a Plane II: Crazy Drunk Snakes!

Disabled List: MLB Extra Innings Package: $160
New Cable Splitter: $3.99
Crazy Drunk Girls in Your Apartment: Priceless

The other annoying thing is that my cable connection keeps drifting in and out all evening, both TV and modem. Bother. I wonder if some crazy drunk girls broke in and messed with the splitter. Pity they didn't hang around.

Ooh, the modem's back...

Tags: annoyances, biking, food, health, humor, weather

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