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Biking Towards Davisville...

The humidity returned yesterday, but in the morning it was still pretty nice. I had to go into work for a little while, so when I was done I pulled the bike out of the back of the truck and went for a ride. I spent the first half of it exploring the northern end of the base (what used to be called Camp Thomas), which hasn't been developed nearly to the extent the rest of the base has. Most of it is still heavily wooded, and a couple of the old streets have decayed to the point of becoming gravel tracks though the woods. This is especially true on the old perimeter road, which is now quite a nice little wooded trail alongside the boundary fence. I spied at least one deer in my travels, along with several signs that may have said something like "No Trespassing." I didn't look all that closely. The deer certainly didn't seem very concerned by them.

Afterwards I headed south until I wound up by the airport, and spent some time there in the parking lot gawking at the airplanes, standing with my face almost pressed against the chain-link fence like a little kid trying to watch a ballgame. Nobody seemed to pay me any mind. The neatest of the planes that calls Quonset home, an old Navy SNJ trainer, took off whilst I was there, it's big radial engine completely drowning out the sound of a corporate jet that was spinning up its engines at the same time.

I probably stood there for half an hour, maybe more, under the hot sun before I remembered that I had no sunscreen with me. So I rode back to work, then headed home for a quick lunch before heading down to the shore to see Tom and family down at the beach house. Watched the Yanks chew up the Sox and spit them out again, and then Tom, B, and I went out for dinner like adults. It was a good time, and a nice change from my hermitude of late.

I was tuckered out, and went to bed early. This morning it was raining when I woke up, so I took that as my cue to laze about. I did make some killer pancakes (from a Cooks Illustrated recipe) for brunch. I also did laundry, but that was the extent of my energeticness. The rest of the day was turnip city.
Tags: aviation, baseball, biking, food, weather

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