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Am stupid. No, am dumber than stupid.

The nice appliance repairman just left having fixed my oven. It hasn't worked since February 2005 or so, but I just now got around to calling someone to look at it. It wouldn't light. I assumed that one of the dowhatzzers that range manufacturers install to prevent me from filling the house with gas had decided that it was never going to allow any gas into the oven ever again. Like maybe it had a depression sensing feature. Anyway, for the last year and a half I made do. I rarely bake. I made ATK's skillet lasagna. I baked pizzas on the grill.

Finally I made an appointment. $97 to diagnose and for any labor. Parts would be extra. Much cheaper than a new range. He showed up bright and early, and I introduced him to the Gibson and explained what was not happening. He took a quick look, twisted the temperature knob, looked up at the back panel, and then muttered a very depressed sounding "Oh, boy..." There are two knobs on the back panel. One controls the clock/timer, and it's situated in such away that I'm constantly hitting it accidently, setting off the very annoying and loud buzzer. I never paid any attention to the other knob to the right of it, the "Timed Bake" knob. It was pointing at "Off." He turned it to "Manual," then turned the temperature control knob. Of course, it lit right up. Apparently, the buzzer isn't the only knob I've accidently hit.

So, I now owed him $97 for showing me that I'm the dumbest person on Earth. To add a little value to the deal, he checked the oven calibration, and it was fine. Then he pointed out that at least I didn't have to buy any parts for a seventeen year-old range. Le sigh...
Tags: annoyances, house, whining

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