DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Death and Taxes...

If my paternal grandfather was still living, he'd be 105 today. Unfortunately, he only got to 84.

Speaking of death, that's pretty much what I felt like much of yesterday. Nothing I like better than spending a weekend groggy and out of it. I napped much of the afternoon, which exacerbated the gronk. Mostly better today. The weather matched the way I felt. It's been rainy and windy and tropically humid, and not at all autumn-like.

I used the extended couch time to finish off Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I liked this one quite a bit, sort of Harry Potter and the Empire Strikes Back. Not much silliness, not much Quidditch. Was totally wrong as to the identity of said prince (I was sure it had been Tom Riddle). Was spoiled for Dumbledore's demise, although I didn't know it would be Snape that did it. If you ask me, those two are up to something. Being dead can be very handy (see also Dragonslayer). Evil wizards tend to forget about you. Also, it helps when one has tax problems. Given Dumbledore's strained relationship with the ministry, I wouldn't be surprised if he's avoiding an audit.

Tonight I used my no-longer dead oven to roast an oven-stuffer and some potatoes. Very tasty. Kitchen is now a mess, and I have enough leftover chicken and gravy for a month or so.
Tags: books, food, health, weather

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