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R.I.P. Cory Lidel

It's weird. One of my flashbulb memories is the moment I heard about Thurman Munson's death in a plane crash. I was in grad school, and a bunch of us were having beers down at Iggy's, the closest bar to campus, when the local news came on TV. (No cable in those days in RI.) It was a shocking moment, and even the Sox fans in the group drank to his memory.

I doubt that today will remain with me like that. Events unfolded to slowly, and work was busy, so I didn't pay much attention. People were mentioning the crash, but it was a small plane kind of far from anything symbolic, so I assumed it was just a peculiar accident. And so it was.

When I got home, they'd just found out that it was owned by Yankee pitcher Cory Lidel. That was a bit of a stunner. And just weird, too. You never expect to discover something about a high profile incident that makes it even more high profile.

I logged in over at the Toaster, left condolences at Bronx Banter, and then got involved (along with a some others) in a mild kerfuffle at DT with someone jumping to some extreme conclusions. Meanwhile, there was a troll attack on Bronx Banter as the fans there were coming to grips. People suck.

It'll be interesting to see just what happened. It sounds like something malfunctioned, but that's only from reports I heard on the news, which seems to think that rumors and facts are the same thing.

Damn, I miss Iggy's.
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