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Storm Spam...

Am at work, where there is power and internet access, and I have nothing better to do than spam my LJ.

Lost power at the house around quarter to one. Just before that I'd discovered that not only was there water in the usual spot down in the basement, but the rain was also being driven though windows and dripping into the kitchen and the back room. The water in the back room was dripping onto my bed.

Anyway, I moved the bed, and laid down some towels in the back room to sop up the water. The kitchen wasn't much of a problem because the sink is right below the window. Down in the basement I peeled back the indoor-outdoor rug, set up the box fan, and cranked the dehumidifier to 11. Five minutes later the power went down. I sat for a bit to contemplate my frelling blessings, then read for a little while, but decided that by far the best thing I could possibly do when the universe has decided yet again to make a punching bag of me would be to take a nap. Except I couldn't fall asleep. As I lay on the couch not napping, there was this huge burst of wind, followed by a loud crack. I got up and looked out. Sure enough, half of my next door neighbor's Bradford pear was lying in the street.

It took me about an hour and a half from when the power went out to go completely stir crazy. I decided to head into work. On the way I saw all sorts of interesting stuff.

- There was the flock of Canada geese flailing about in the air attempting to not only fly into the wind, but also maintain a vee formation. Silly geese.

- There was a third Bradford pear down in the neighborhood. They really are lousy trees.

- There was way more water on the ground than I've ever seen in this area. Around the corner from my house, there's another house that was for sale at the same time mine was, one that probably would've been next on my list to look at had I not bought mine. It's on the main highway, so I preferred the quieter side street. It worked out for the best. As I drove by today I noticed that there were a couple of feet of water in the front yard. Yikes!

- There was the guy on the side of Old Baptist Road standing in knee deep water trying to clear the catch basin of debris so that some of the water would drain.

- There was a huge pile of enormous expanded foam blocks at the end of Old Baptist, waiting to be used as fill in the construction going on up there. By enormous, I mean they're like 10'x 5'x 3' (and I do mean ', not "). The wind has scattered them all over the site, as if a giant child had built a pile of blocks and then kicked it over.

Some photos:

Freak Storm - 10/28/06 The tree takes its final plunge.
Freak Storm - 10/28/06 I'm sure the road crew was just thrilled to be out today. They're gonna be plenty busy.
Freak Storm - 10/28/06 My next door neighbor's tree meets the same fate.
Freak Storm - 10/28/06 The sole survivor, for now.

[5:10 p.m.]: And now to get some take-out and head home to see if the power's back on yet.
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