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That Was Quick...

Weekends seem so short in standard time.

I did very little on project attic, instead concentrating on project basement and project back room.

Door #1Project back room? Yeah, that really should've been done a long, long time ago, but true to my procrastinatory ways, there are still some odds and ends left hanging from the various things I've done in there. The floor is done, but not the threshold. The painting is done, including the closet door, but not the entry door. The moulding around the window (including installing an actual window sill was replaced, but not around the doors (especially bad since I had to remove a piece all together to make the bookshelves fit. Plus, the entry door has gone out of plumb enough that it no longer latches.

It's the last that has spurred me to action. Ask This Old House had a piece on the exact same problem a couple three weeks ago, and the fix Tom Silva demonstrated was easy peasy. Since I was going to have to take the door off the hinges anyway, and since virtually all the unfinished stuff I mentioned is located in that immediate area, I figured I might as well fix the rest of the stuff, too.

Door #2The first thing to do was the painting, since that's the work I like least doing least. Way, way back, I painted the closet door over the course of several months whilst I was working on the floor and window. I actually wound up doing some of the painting twice because I made the mistake of using more than one brand of paint, or more importantly, a different brand of primer than the paint that was going to be on top of it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, I suppose, but I had to use a lot of masking tape, and the top coat kept peeling off with it. I wound up repriming and starting from scratch. By the time I finished I was wondering what in hell had possessed me to go with three colors, but that's another episode.

I still had most of the paint I needed, so I hauled the door downstairs, removed the hardware, and scrubbed both sides down with trisodium phosphate solution. I've also accomplished the same with Fantastik, but I already had the TSP ready to go. The primer hadn't seen the light of day in five years, so I locked a stirrer into my drill, and stirred it thoroughly. Too thoroughly, apparently. When I lifted the can to bring it over by the door to start painting, I noticed it was leaking like crazy from the bottom of the can. I must've punched a hole or busted a seal while I was stirring it. Bother. I put the can in a plastic bag, and put the first coat on, but I had nothing suitable to store the rest of the paint in, so I just had to leave it there to leak out into the bag. Bother. Fortunately, primer is cheap.

While the coat of paint dried, I did laundry, and cleaned out three big bags o'crap that has accumulated over in the corner of the basement, and put them in the truck to throw in the dumpster at work. To make room in the truck, I brought in my bike, calling an official end to my cycling season. Tomorrow I need to get some more primer.

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